Whidegroup Presents Performance Analytics Tool that Can Breathe Life into Every E-commerce

Whidegroup company has developed analytics tool that analyzes non-trivial factors influencing e-commerce website performance, identifies issues that strongly affect conversion, provides advanced reporting and recommendations for e-commerce optimization.

Whidegroup, Ukrainian digital agency providing high-level technical solutions and performance optimization services for small and medium e-commerce businesses, has been selected as an ALPHA startup to exhibit at Web Summit 2018 that will be held in Lisbon from 5th till 8th of November.

Being founded by two passionate specialists with more than 10 years of experience in e-commerce industry, Whidegroup has occupied such a narrow niche to become highly specialized and gain an in-depth experience in e-commerce web development, custom integration and optimization applicable effectively to e-commerce projects in different industries.

Often troubleshooting the slow page loading at online stores, one of the reasons of low conversion rate, the team decided to create their own performance analytics tool named Storalyze. Working automatically, it is tailored precisely for e-commerce websites, since it analyzes the main web-pages of the e-commerce store, highlights weak spots affecting conversion rate and gives advanced report with recommendations aimed at performance optimization.

Besides stunning skills in e-commerce performance optimization, Whidegroup team provides e-commerce consulting, design and development services. Considerable expertise in the sphere makes it possible to understand all client’s needs, analyze opportunities, predict and avoid risks that may be connected not only with the development part, but with doing e-commerce business overall.

As Whidegroup Co-Founder Anastasia Zhuk says: “There is no need to redevelop your e-commerce website each time new trend comes out. Your online store should provide great customer experience that can be realized, firstly, through the high performance characteristics of your website. That is exactly what Storalyze and Whidegroup team are good in.”

Team who will be at the venue: Anton Zhuk – Managing Director at Whidegroup; Anastasia Zhuk – Business Development Director at Whidegroup.

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