Where is your company located?

Whidegroup is located in Ukraine. Please, review our Contact page for more information.

What is the work schedule of Whidegroup? How many hours does a developer work per day?

We are in UTC+2 (summer time UTC+3). We work from Monday to Friday, 9 hrs per day (including 1 hr meal break), so developer can spend 8 hrs (40 hrs a week) on project work. On Ukrainian public holidays our office is usually closed. Whidegroup recognizes Scheduled development, but we also understand Urgent needs. We respect that and that is why our development schedule can be discussed with each client individually.

Can you provide valuable references?

Sure. Some our partners prefer not to disclose vendors but still ready to recommend us in personal communication.

Can I directly communicate with developers that work for me?

As we strive to provide only best quality services to our client, we prefer to organize development process with project manager as a middle branch between client and developer. Project manager transforms client’s business needs into exact technical tasks for developer, so development process becomes most effective. This provides us possibility to be responsible for more aspects of the development process.

Anyway there is a way of cooperation when we provide non-managed development services. Mainly this way is used for cases when client has own technical project manager that is able to formulate proper tasks for developers.

Do you sign NDA?

Yes, Whidegroup can sign and respect NDA, if client requires it.

Do you provide consultant services related to development?

Whidegroup provides a wide range of consultant services for better understanding of development process. This can be extremely important for a client to be as effective as possible in implementing business ideas.

Should I use CMS, framework or build 100% new code?

Here is the logic: smaller budget = less custom system. If you are ready to accept some deviations from your ‘ideal imaginary project’, it’s possible to use some ready decisions like framework or even CMS. The main advantage is that many trivial subsystems are already developed under these decisions.

How project is estimated by Whidegroup and how development goes?

We prefer to work by iterations and deliver project by parts after each logical iteration. And that is the reason why we usually estimate project by such parts. Our team focuses on 3 main points – quality, cost and terms. Taking into account that development is a creative process, we strive to fit within these main points during all development showing the best ways of client needs’ realisation.

Do you provide the Service Level Agreement after the project is delivered?

Whidegroup is responsible for each delivered project and that is why we are open for signing a contract with defined package of service, support options within measurable terms.

How long does it take you to start working on a project?

The sooner you provide us with all details and info according the project including technical requirements, budget etc, the faster we can make a rough estimate, plan development process and start our work.

Are you available when it is needed to complete urgent tasks?

Yes, we are. We can agree even on providing additional resources in complex situations.

Are there any additional/hidden costs?

Of course, not. We provide client with all details before signing a contract and starting work.

How secure is my source code, business secrets and other info I share with your team?

Everything is completely secure. Our team doesn’t share confidential information with 3rd party companies or persons, if it is not covered up by our mutual agreements.

What engagement models do you use in your work?

Our preferable engagement model is Time & Material Model when we provide you with the services of a developer at our standard rate per hour. We are also considering Full Time Developer Model when we offer a dedicated, full-time developer to work exclusively on your project. Exceptionally we can accept Fixed Price Model when we present you with a fixed quote based on the RFP document.

How can I pay you? What is the payment schedule?

We can work via 3rd party online platforms and execute payments there by standard schedule. Also we can work by signing a contract and execute payments via Wire Transfer on a biweekly/monthly billing basis.

How the payment/invoices are held?

At the end of month we send you an invoice. Preferably is when all invoices are paid within 3 working days.

FAQ didn’t solve problem?

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