Running an e-commerce business successfully without being up-to-date is simply not possible. If you’re engaged in running a business, you should be constantly aware of every little innovation in the world of e-commerce. Inventory management, new trends in development and design, the latest novelties of software – each of these aspects needs to be covered, and getting regular updates from e-commerce blogs is a perfect option for doing this.

The Best E-Commerce Blogs For You To Follow

We’ve compiled a list of the blogs that we found the most useful and informative for online retailers. You’re welcome to check them out below and score some insights from them for your online business.

#1 of the E-commerce Blogs: Get Elastic

The Wall Street Journal named Get Elastic as one of 15 blogs recommended for entrepreneurs. Readers of this blog will certainly understand why. Get Elastic includes hundreds of articles from both esteemed writers and established business owners around the world. Get Elastic is often mentioned as the blog with the most valuable and meaningful insights having helped so many of its readers reach success.

15 Best E-commerce Blogs for Online Retailers

Why we recommend Get Elastic:

  • Every article has a read meter, showing how long it takes to read the particular text. This feature reduces bounce rate and serves to inform the reader in advance.
  • The blog has clear navigation by topic, so there is no chance for readers to get lost in the wide variety of articles.

#2 of the E-commerce Blogs: PracticalEcommerce

Since 2005 PracticalEcommerce has provided a compilation of practical business strategies and e-commerce marketing tips that are intended to help readers to succeed online. This resource is not only about e-commerce website development – the blog is also full of recommendations on how you can improve your conversion rate, SEO, social media presence, and many more metrics that are considered to be vital for an e-commerce business.

15 Best E-commerce Blogs for Online Retailers

Why we recommend PracticalEcommerce:

  • The blog regularly posts new articles. On average, readers can look forward to 2 or 3 new articles daily.
  • Convenient navigation enables flicking to the next or previous article without any need to return to the blog home page.

#3 of the E-commerce Blogs: A Better Lemonade Stand

A Better Lemonade Stand is considered to be a top-rated e-commerce community for providing deep and real-life insights, guides, and advice assisting owners along the way while they establish their business. Focusing on supporting early-stage entrepreneurs, the blog covers topics like choosing and validating products to sell, how to resolve shipping issues, and suggestions about negotiations with manufacturers. Readers can also enjoy free video training webinars.

15 Best E-commerce Blogs for Online Retailers

Why we recommend A Better Lemonade Stand:

  • The articles are divided into sections according to the stages of business development: Build, Launch, Grow. This allows the reader to select a needed section without the necessity of sorting articles.
  • The structure of every article is clear and simple, which makes articles convenient for reading.

#4 of the E-commerce Blogs: eCommerceFuel

Gather all the best e-commerce blog ideas and you’ll get E-commerce Fuel – the blog that unites over 1,000 online store owners and professionals in the e-commerce sphere. Together they created a community that is experienced in business exits, SEO, business optimization, scaling, branding, and community building. With their collective expertise, they cover every field of knowledge that can be potentially interesting to the average entrepreneur.

15 Best E-commerce Blogs for Online Retailers

Why we recommend eCommerceFuel:

  • Before reading a full article, the visitor can first see a short summary to get an impression of what said article is about.
  • In addition to the rich blog, eCommerceFuel also offers podcasts. Very often articles and podcasts work in duo, complementing each other.

#5 of the E-commerce Blogs: E-Commerce Times

E-Commerce Times is regarded as one of the most respected and well-reputed websites today. This resource focuses mostly on readers such as C-level executives and managers of small and mid-sized businesses. E-Commerce Times covers topics like e-commerce, m-commerce, e-business, networking, enterprise, customer relationship management, and many more.

15 Best E-commerce Blogs for Online Retailers

Why we recommend E-Commerce Times:

  • The blog is updated regularly, so you can always find fresh ideas and insights about the e-commerce sphere.
  • In addition to ordinary articles, the resource gladly invites C-level managers for interviews and presenting their beliefs and concepts in the blog.

#6 of the E-commerce Blogs: E-Commerce Nation

E-Commerce Nation claims that its purpose is assisting e-commerce entrepreneurs of any scale internationally. Thus, this e-commerce solutions blog is full of practical recommendations including case studies and real solutions about store setup, logistics, online marketing, multi-lingual support, and many more. The E-Commerce Nation blog is well-known for engaging mature industry specialists to create content. The blog also provides insights into various communication tools, such as infographics, podcasts, webinars, live interviews, e-books and so on.

15 Best E-commerce Blogs for Online Retailers

Why we recommend E-Commerce Nation:

  • At the beginning of every article, you’ll see a list of anchor-headings that help readers promptly head to whatever section of the article they’re interested in.
  • Any interested person that is also qualified enough, has a chance to join the ranks of authors of the blog, while moderators provide article editing and SEO-support.

#7 of the E-commerce Blogs: HubSpot Blog

HubSpot Blog is a real pioneer amongst the others – they started in 2004 when all blogging activities were just beginning. When it comes to e-commerce marketing – the blog comes out heads above competitors. Keep in mind that e-commerce is just one small part among several other topics covered by HubSpot, including sales, marketing, and inbound marketing. Reading a bit of the HubSpot e-commerce blog, you will gain insight and awareness into every little aspect of running an online business.

15 Best E-commerce Blogs for Online Retailers

Why we recommend HubSpot Blog:

  • HubSpot provides articles in 6 languages: Japan, English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese. This provides insights for a multinational audience.
  • Any person engaged in e-commerce will find something interesting to read since HubSpot provides materials for a wide range of specialists such as C-level managers, marketing and social media managers, salespersons, and many others.

#8 of the E-commerce Blogs: TechCrunch: E-commerce Topic

Founded in 2011, TechCrunch very quickly became one of the leaders in the sphere of technology media, being the first when it comes to representing breaking tech news, reviewing new gadgets, events overview and so on. To date, TechCrunch is especially appreciated by the entrepreneurs who are engaged in e-commerce and the gadget & technology sphere, or anyone enthusiastic about those topics.

15 Best E-commerce Blogs for Online Retailers

Why we recommend TechCrunch:

  • TechCrunch is one of the most “lively” blogs to date – on average, they publish 10 articles weekly.
  • Readers can choose from a plethora of models of subscription. The user can receive news about updates in startup and events sections, get daily or weekly digests, or get insights about sponsorships.

#9 of the E-commerce Blogs: E-commerce Platforms

E-commerce Platforms is the place to find various simple tips and tricks on the best solutions and software to run an e-commerce business. Easy to read and implement, they are particularly popular among early-stage business-owners. The blog is regularly updated, which allows readers to be aware of the most recent news and the latest innovations in the world of e-commerce.

15 Best E-commerce Blogs for Online Retailers

Why we recommend E-commerce Platforms:

  • E-commerce Platforms supports 11 languages, among which are Portuguese, Chinese, Arabic, and Hindi. Because of this, virtually any user can find needed information in their language.
  • Each article in the blog is perfectly edited. The text readability and flow are flawless in every article, which makes reading comfortable and convenient.

#10 of the E-commerce Blogs: Entrepreneur: E-commerce Topic

The Entrepreneur is proud of showcasing the latest news from the world of e-commerce in the form of videos, and discussion topics. The main focus of this resource is to cover building and developing an e-commerce business from the very beginning to a stable phase. In addition to educational videos and topics, users can take advantage of Entrepreneur’s library, which is a rich compilation of the most popular editions related to the business, self-development, time management, and many more.

15 Best E-commerce Blogs for Online Retailers

Why we recommend Entrepreneur:

  • Most articles are provided as longreads, giving a detailed impression of the topics being reviewed.
  • After reading an article, you can see the list of related books, where the article subject is disclosed in more detail.

#11 of the E-commerce Blogs: Ecomdash

Ecomdash’s purpose is providing readers with the latest tips, insights, news, and strategies for e-commerce owners’ inspiration, but without going deep into any niche. Offering their free guides and eBooks, Ecomdash strives to assist beginner entrepreneurs in gaining a clear impression and aspiration to be the best in every round of the e-commerce game.

15 Best E-commerce Blogs for Online Retailers

Why we recommend Ecomdash:

  • The blog has a very convenient distribution on topics such as ecommerce trends, ecommerce operations, tips to sell more and Ecomdash news. Each topic then has sub-topics to make navigation even more simple and clear.
  • Every article has a clear layout. This aspect helps the reader in terms of readability and makes the reading easy and straightforward.

#12 of the E-commerce Blogs: SocialMediaToday

SocialMediaToday is one of the top e-commerce blogs for self-education when it comes to social media marketing in the world of e-commerce. Supported by a team of experienced marketers who make updates to the blog several times a day, the blog is always ready to provide its readers with the latest news about platform algorithms, releases, and cutting-edge tips for the most popular platforms.

15 Best E-commerce Blogs for Online Retailers

Why we recommend SocialMediaToday:

  • The resource has a very crisp design. It leaves no chance for the reader to be distracted by anything.
  • Along with reading their chosen article, the reader can also consult the right sidebar section, where they can get information about the most popular articles, upcoming events, industry news and so on.

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#13 of the E-commerce Blogs: ScienceSoft

ScienceSoft covers over 25 topics related to e-commerce. The resource provides incredibly detailed and meticulous observations about every topic they review. Such reviews may be really appreciated by seasoned business owners who particularly require accurate and unbiased impressions of a wide range of software, current trends, case studies, etc.

15 Best E-commerce Blogs for Online Retailers

Why we recommend ScienceSoft:

  • This blog has lots of topics to attract virtually anyone engaged or interested in the e-commerce sphere.
  • The authors of the blog have remained consistent during its tenure, and thus have gained a lot of experience and proficiency in writing about every little aspect of e-commerce.

#14 of the E-commerce Blogs: Miva

The youngest among the blogs mentioned in the article is Miva. This blog is also famous for being the most practical e-commerce blog among others. Though young, Miva has already gained a strong reputation as illustrated by their inclusion in various lists about the best e-commerce blogs to follow. Their articles are casually short yet informative and interesting.

15 Best E-commerce Blogs for Online Retailers

Why we recommend Miva:

  • The manner of the blog’s articles comes across very informed. The authors use many stats and third-party hyperlinks to support the information provided and give their readers a sense of reliability.
  • Miva’s resource library consists of various infographics, guides, white papers, webinars, and many more. Thus, any reader has the chance to find needed information in the most convenient format.

#15 of the E-commerce Blogs: Internet Retailing

Stylish and straightforward, Internet Retailing does not stick its readers in a mire of deep and detailed ideas. Here you’ll just get some general news of the e-commerce industry, without getting muddled with precise numbers, lengthy instructions, or detailed guides. We love it because while it’s not earth-shattering, it’s quite useful for getting a general overview on various e-commerce subjects.

15 Best E-commerce Blogs for Online Retailers

Why we recommend Internet Retailing:

  • The Internet Retailing articles are casually short yet informative to provide meaningful insights to the reader.
  • Based in Australia, this blog gladly discloses the local industry news and events. Such an approach enables the reader to be informed not only about US news but about the local news and events as well.

Final Thoughts

E-commerce blogs are a great option to learn more from the leaders of the industry at any time, day or night and without even leaving the room. Blogs also enable you to educate yourself without any limits and keep pace with the latest news, trends, and tactics.

We hope you’ve found some meaningful insights from the above-listed e-commerce blogs 2019. Do you have an e-commerce blog that you love? If you think we’ve missed any decent blogs – mention them in the comments section below – we’d love to know about the new stars!

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