On February 5, 2019 business owners using Magento 1 have got e-mails where Magento Adobe Company warns that the free version of Magento will sunset in June 2020. Is it just about Magento 1, or we will never see Magento free version again?

Let’s pay attention to e-mails that have disrupted the peaceful life of Magento 1 users. Business owners were informed about ending support of Magento free version.

Email from Magento screenshot

It should be reminded that Magento 1 support will be discontinued in June 2020 (both about Magento Open Source 1 & Magento Commerce 1). That’s why e-commerce business owners have to migrate to Magento 2 by that time. Engaging you, as their clients, with some bonuses, Magento Adobe Company offers to migrate your e-commerce store with Magento Commerce 2 that, in turn, is premium.

E-mail doesn’t indicate whether they talk only about Magento 1, or they also hint that free Open Source (formerly Magento Community Edition) will never be accessible after June 2020. It can make business owners using the CMS worry.

However, official Magento website says that support for Magento Open Source 1 is ending June 2020. We don’t have any other data about ending support of Magento Community Edition at all. Thus, there are no reasons for you to worry.

Whidegroup will follow the news to keep you updated.

If you plan the migration to Magento 2, our qualified developers know how to do it in the best possible way making your online store top-notch while preserving products, orders, and customer database.

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