It’s a common misconception that you have to sell a wide range of products in order to secure high income. However, it’s entirely possible to run a successful single product e-commerce website. Building a business around only one item can make branding and marketing somewhat easier. A streamlined and product-centered advertising campaign can greatly help build a fanbase and raise your brand awareness exponentially.

In this article, we will go over the intricacies of what makes single product e-commerce stores operate efficiently and what areas of your one product website you should focus on. We will also take a look at five of the best single product e-commerce websites, so you can get inspired by their experience.

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What Makes a Good Single Product E-commerce Website?

In comparison to regular e-commerce stores that sell various types of products, single product stores have a little bit more creative freedom. Since you’ll only be selling one type of product, you get to create an entire brand around it. However, it’s only the tip of an iceberg. There is much more that goes into creating a competitive single product e-commerce website.

SInce online marketplaces have gotten so popular, customers prefer to shop all in one place, which also tends to save them time and money on shipping. Which is why you need to work twice as hard to create a certain atmosphere around your brand to convince shoppers that they should definitely be purchasing from you.

You will need to implement several elements in order to achieve a truly good one product website. These are:

  • Product-centered branding
  • Appealing website design
  • High-quality images
  • Compelling copy
  • Social proof section

It may be hard to imagine a complete website that features all the necessary elements. For this reason, we will be showing and discussing how these elements are supposed to work and interact with each other based on successful single product website examples. For now, let’s break these elements down one by one.

Product-centered branding

Nowadays, branding is everything. If you fail to make a distinct impression, you will be quickly forgotten. Luckily, single product e-commerce stores are easier when it comes to brand development. Depending on the product of your choice, you can build a brand identity based on the product’s characteristics. Meaning, if the product is more frivolous, you can choose a more humorous tone of voice and even a somewhat goofy website design. And vice versa.

Of course, your product has to be actually enticing and understandable to make an impression. While you have the privilege of not distracting your customers with dozens of products, it also means your product’s value, purpose, and benefits should be clear immediately. This again highlights the importance of properly understanding strategic brand development.

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Appealing website design

This should go without saying, but the days of cluttered, obnoxious e-commerce websites are, thankfully, gone. If you want to compete on a modern market, your website has to fit modern standards. Today, customers value simplicity and ease of navigation. For a single product e-commerce website, intuitive navigation, a clear call-to-action (CTA), and uncluttered pages will be essential. We will demonstrate what this should look like in our best single product e-commerce websites compilation below.

As for the actual design, you can test out different color schemes and templates that would best fit a one product website. Ideally, you should have the first screen of your homepage feature a beautiful hero banner with a CTA that leads straight to the product. Navigation menus with corresponding category images are also among modern website design standards.

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There is much more to learn about UX/UI website design that meets the eye. If you lack development experience, your best bet would be to hire an e-commerce development company that will cover all aspects of UI/UX strategy creation and web development. Building a single product e-commerce website has its intricacies, which means a professional team would be best equipped to deliver a custom project within all of your requirements. A development company will also make sure your website’s speed and other performance metrics are optimized.

High-quality images

Having high-quality imagery is important for any store, but it’s twice as important for a single product e-commerce website. Since you need to convince a potential customer that your one-of-a-kind product is worth a purchase, you must provide the full visual info.

First, the images must be in high resolution and have an option to zoom in. Second, the images should have a nice composition, lighting, and color correcting. This is especially crucial for product pages, since they are usually the place where a customer decides to buy. The standards for product photography have significantly risen, as customers expect not only high resolution, but also aesthetic appeal to the picture. You can also go a step further and implement video demonstrations and 360 view features.

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Compelling copy

Writing compelling copy for a single product e-commerce website is easier than for a store with a wide range of products. However, it’s also challenging, as you have to hit the nail on the head when describing your product, its features, benefits, and company’s values. You have to deliver an exciting, yet informational copy in order to instill trust and convince the shopper to buy from you.

Consider hiring a professional copywriter. An industry professional can develop a unique brand voice for your store and keep it consistent through all of the copy.

Social proof section

Social proof has always been a major factor in securing conversions. Consider this:


72% of consumers believe that reviews and testimonials submitted by customers are more credible than the brand talking about their products

With e-commerce business rising faster than ever and social media now being a major part of our lives, it has become extraordinarily easy to find other people’s opinions on certain products. Which is why you should take advantage of that, especially if running a single product e-commerce website.

Showcase previous customers feedback that confirms the product is good and safe to buy. This will make potential customers feel more confident making purchases through your store. Most single product stores feature social proof right on their homepage. However, developing a separate page with customer testimonials is also a good idea. Keep in mind that most modern customers prefer user-generated content instead of reviews with just text. Consider connecting your Instagram feed to your website to make your social proof section more convincing.

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Five Best Single Product Website Examples

Implementing all of the elements that make up a good single product e-commerce website may seem overwhelming, but we assure you it can be done. To give you a better contextual and visual understanding of how these different elements should work together, we put together a list of five best single product websites. Each store featured on our list incorporates all of the necessary elements mentioned above. Let’s see how they work!

#1 Seattle Cider Co

A Washington-based craft cidery, Seattle Cider Co’s website is a masterclass in how to turn beverage shopping into a fun experience. The design of this single product website example heavily leans into a retro aesthetic with their use of complementary colors, which certainly adds to their uniqueness and recognizability.

Single product website examples: Seattle Cider Co

The homepage opens with a colorful hero image that showcases the variety of their cider’s flavors and a contrasting banner with a bold promise that it won’t be your standard cider. The navigation at the top right corner is fairly standard, but still intuitive, leading visitors to check out the most important page — Our Ciders. Below, Seattle Cider Co features user-generated content with their products, selecting only high quality images.

An approachable and down-to-earth tone of voice in their copy definitely plays into the likeability of this brand. Shoppers can clearly tell that the company is truly passionate about their business through quotes like this:


Since Washington is known for having an abundance of apples, it was important for us to carve out a unique style that pays homage to the beauty of our homegrown bounty of apples.

Overall, Seattle Cider Co is a bright single product e-commerce website example that tied all of the essential elements together and made a memorable impression.

#2 Palmpress

Palmpress is certainly a company with a unique premise of selling a hand-brew coffee press to make morning rituals just a little bit more fun. This single product website example chose a minimalistic, yet high-contrast design that would keep shoppers intrigued and focused on learning more about their peculiar product.

Best single product websites: Palmpress

Their homepage opens with customer testimonials and even a recommendation from Wired Magazine to immediately convince the visitor their product is not a gimmick. As you scroll down the homepage, you will see a concise explanation of the product’s features and how they could benefit a day-to-day coffee drinker using simple graphics. Additionally, you will be shown a GIF that demonstrates how to use a hand brewer.

Simple navigation with only four categories makes sure the customer’s journey is fairly short and hassle-free. What’s also hard to miss is the amount of CTA’s on the homepage alone. You will be met with a CTA every time you scroll down. Palmpress put a lot of effort into crafting an appealing and actionable single product e-commerce website, which certainly hits all of the marks.

#3 Pipcorn

Pipcorn, a family-owned business of selling heirloom seed snacks, is a prime example of how to make single product e-commerce website navigation exciting. Overall, they chose an almost cartoonish website design, opting for a high-contrast color scheme with a background that subconsciously reminds us of wheat fields.

Best single product stores: Pipcorn

On hover, the header reveals several categories with visual cues to make the shopper’s journey as intuitive as possible. The CTA also informs the customers that they can create their own snack bundles. Down the homepage you will encounter a collection of their best-sellers. The catch is that product icons are animated on hover!

The eye-catching website design is only one part of the equation. The company’s branding also lies in their values, as the way they produce heirloom seeds is considered more environmentally sustainable in e-commerce than other methods.


Heirlooms are pretty amazing! We believe that heirloom is the way to a more sustainable and delicious future, and we are proud to be supporting family farmers who grow heirloom corn.

Pipcorn’s cheeky and playful single product e-commerce website design, as well as the company’s values, make their brand standout against serious competition.

#4 Artisaire

Artisaire is one of the high-end single product e-commerce website examples. The company sells custom wax seals for pretty much any occasion. Their website design is very minimalistic and elegant, leaving visitors no opportunity to be distracted from their product.

Single product e-commerce website examples: Artisaire

SInce their product is quite unique and sophisticated, the website design uses soft pastel colors and delicate graphics. The collection section below showcases the variety of beautiful seals in high resolution close-ups, so the customers can see every small detail of the seal.

Further below you will come across a customer testimonial section with almost 5,000 positive reviews. But Artisaire didn’t stop there. Knowing how much user-generated content means for customers, they connected their Instagram feed to the bottom of the homepage.

Artisaire put a spin on their already graceful branding, since alongside every purchase family who runs the store handwrites a thank you note and seals it by hand. It’s one of the most classy single product e-commerce websites out there.

#5 MindJournal

MindJournal’s example is a little different from the previously mentioned brands. The company sells self-help journals for men that are struggling with mental health. Their journal features guided exercises that help build a journaling habit and improve mental well-being. It is definitely a unique concept that drives the success of this one product website.

One product website examples: MindJournal

MindJournal’s website design translates their ambient and relaxed feeling by utilizing minimalistic graphics and fonts. Sleek templates with a muted gray color scheme perfectly highlight the one product store structure.

The header navigation is a simple drop-down menu with professionally taken images that clearly showcase what’s inside each category. To go along with a stylish website design, an approachable, yet actionable tone of voice in their copy encourages the visitors to give the product a shot.


Journaling encourages you to make time for yourself and practice gratitude. It helps you focus on the things that make you feel good.

Many similar inspirational quotes are featured across the website, making MindJournal one of the most inviting and likable single product e-commerce stores you can find.

Final Thoughts

Running a one product store doesn’t necessarily mean lower income, as compared to shops with a wide range of products. On the contrary, a single product e-commerce website can open many more opportunities in terms of brand identity creation and streamlined marketing. Having a strong focus on one product gives you a chance to become a standout brand in the niche.

In this article, we uncovered what kind of approach you need to take if you want to create a truly good single product e-commerce website. With combined efforts of a solid branding strategy and a skillfully-crafted website, you can achieve amazing results. If you have any questions regarding website development, be sure to contact us for a free consultation. We would love to bring your project to life!

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