Having a good domain score can lead to the trust of the customers that are coming to your online store for the first time. For example, if they discover that your domain authority is good they would consider your brand to be on the standard.

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However, the domain authority can also help to make your website’s user experience better and this is the way you can increase the ranking position in the search engine. Increasing the domain authority requires the same methods as that of search engines. So in this article we will discuss these methods of increasing the domain authority.

What is the Domain Authority of a Site?

The domain authority of a website is a score from 0 to 100 – the higher, the better. To some extent, we can say that this score is showing you how well a website ranks on search engines. The reason is some of the factors influencing the domain authority and improving the search engine ranking are the same.

Remember, this is not a ranking number, neither it has any relation to Google’s ranking. MOZ and various other SEO companies have developed their own tools to predict the website’s rating by taking into account every known factor that is expected to affect rankings. They introduce the score so that it can be used very well to improve a website to get ranked higher in Google SERPs. When you optimize your e-commerce store according to the domain authority factors then there are more chances that you would rank for the top positions.

With the help of such tools you can monitor your competitors’ domain authority and methods they use for its improvement. Below, there are some tricks you may use to increase the domain authority of your e-commerce store.

#1 On-Page SEO Optimization

On-page SEO is one of the most important factors for your website to rank higher and for this, you also get to increase the user experience of your site.

According to marketers, on-page SEO holds the majority of all SEO techniques applied to a website and if it is poor then the domain authority wouldn’t increase much.

Here are the main factors related to the on-page SEO:

    • Optimization of your product photos, other images, videos, and other media components
    • The use of relevant keywords and their placement in your content that does not cause keyword stuffing
    • Performing internal linking to your content
    • Adding headings, meta title, and meta description to your content for better positions in SERPs

Keep in mind that the content and its arrangement is one of the most important factors for an SEO of your website, including on-page and off-page SEO.

#2 Off-Page SEO Factors

A solid backlink profile is very important in off-page SEO factors. This is the biggest factor in SEO which is considered equally amazing for the increase in domain authority.

Your website has a solid link profile if it has:

      • Backlinks from domains with high authority
      • Incoming links from relevant sources with high traffic
      • No or few broken links

How to improve the backlink profile of your store?

To improve your website’s backlink profile you must eliminate:

      • Harmful incoming links that are stopping the increment in domain authority
      • Broken links placed throughout your website

To detect them you can use online tools like Moz Explorer, Semrush, Ahrefs and the like. If you can’t remove any external links you can disavow them in Google Search Console to remove links from your profile.

You should make your link profile more efficient. Generating backlinks helps your site in creating some third-party references. When you get more backlinks then there are more chances that your site will get more referring traffic.

There are two important approaches that help to increase the number of backlinks for your site.

Natural link building

This is known as “third-party referencing,” and the hypothesis is that someone will find your site, search your articles, like them, and connect with you thanks to those referencing links.

For this to work, it is important that the laudable content is uploaded on your website and when you mention any of the facts or quotes then bloggers can use the fact on their blogs and mention your link for reference.

As such, a domain that is informative, helpful, and easy to see through will point to such diverse site owners in their articles.

Gradually, this cycle works and it is extremely helpful, but you should exercise restraint, as it requires some investment to grow the readership in such a way that some readers will share your domain on their website.

Most of the bloggers and other web owners provide the citation to popular websites like Medium.com, Business Insider, Wikipedia, QuickSprout, and many other sites of the driving industry.

Outreach to the bloggers

This increases your chances of connecting to your website in their articles. You just need to contact the relevant blog owners and ask them to publish a guest post that you would write to their website.

In the guest post, you can add the link to your website with an anchor text. The anchor text should be a relevant keyword to rank for it. This way, you would get a relevant audience as well as rank higher for the seed keyword.

#3 Increase Your Social Appearance

Although Google noted that social signals are not an important ranking factor, it is still effective. Marketers have experienced as well as they know that social appearance is as important as a blog page to a website.

To increase your brand power and attract your audience you must be dealing with your Facebook business page and trying to increase the number of your followers either in a native way or via paid advertising. To ensure that you have a functioning social media presence, you should post consistently and thus attract your audience.

Not only this, you should watch your content and analytics data to know what audience is usually visiting your site.

#4 Improve the Technical SEO

First, to improve the ranking and domain authority you should install the SSL certificate on your website. SSL would convert your website from HTTP to HTTPS which has a good impact on your site upon search engines and users. Add organized data to build information helping web crawlers understand the mindset of our content.

Removing all the errors, maintaining the 404 error pages as well as redirects and all the other mistakes would boost your technical SEO.

#5 Improve Your Page Speed

The websites with a high load speed have a particularly better ranking position in SERP compared to slower sites.

It is not always easy to solve the problem of page speed. It contains a lot of specialized components and, in case you are not a developer or someone with specialized programming information, it tends to be extremely annoying.

In any case, if you have no chance to hire an expert to speed up your site, you can check the following factors to optimize your website:

      • Deletion of excessive code
      • Fixing and optimizing your CMS and modules/extensions
      • Analyzing your web hosting account and check if it’s ok
      • Implement cashing
      • Optimize the images to reduce their size, etc.

#6 Make Sure Your Site is Mobile-Friendly

Making your online store mobile-friendly is much-needed SEO practice which gives a positive signal to the search engines. Here are a few reasons why your website should be mobile-friendly:

      • About 60% of traffic on most e-commerce websites comes from mobile devices
      • Most customers start their research on mobile devices and then proceed to the desktop
      • Mobile-friendly is a positioning factor for Google’s and domain authority

Google’s algorithm always assesses the mobile-friendliness and then ranks website pages.

Not having versatile, enjoyable customization of your website or appealing website will negatively affect your overall Domain Authority score. You can also consider adding an AMP (Accelerated mobile pages) backup to your website.

If your site is not well-positioned at this point, the ideal approach is to start visiting Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test and running the test for your region. Google has its tool for checking the mobile-friendliness of your online store.

Final Thoughts

Domain authority should be increased naturally. The tricks can harm your site since the algorithms can detect the factors you manipulate to increase the domain authority.

A natural increase in the domain authority might take years to get above 50 but if you optimize it well, it can grow within months.

However, a good domain score can increase the interest of the users because they trust the website with more domain authority.

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the position of our editorial team. If you have something to add, we will be glad to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.
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